A Cyprus Vacation with Sign Language Experts

This program combines cultural activities–visits to archaeological and religious monuments, oil mills, wineries, arts and crafts workshops, culinary workshops–with leisurely activities such as mountain and beach excursions and trips to the mall. Please note that the itinerary will vary slightly according to the season. Visiting groups will also have the ability to customize the program according to their particular needs and interests. They will also have a chance to meet with members of local deaf communities as well as take part in specially arranged athletic and or recreational events.


Ancient and medieval Cyprus

The abundance and diversity of historical monuments, from prehistoric to byzantine times, bespeaks the richness of the island’s cultural life– castles, palatial edifices, temples and museums all replete with art vividly representing the entire spectrum of human experience: creativeness, destruction, war, peace, veneration, eros.


Cyprus boasts dozens of divable spots of unique historical interest–underwater monuments of the island’s ancient, medieval and modern histories–as well as sites that epitomize the Mediterranean Sea’s geological and ecological attractions.


The Cyprus landscape holds an undeniable allure for both seasoned and aspiring photographers. Its colourful countryside, its quaint rural communities, its celebrated cultural monuments, all simply beg to be captured by the photographic lens.


Cyprus, Island of Saints

“… Cyprus was among the first countries that Christianity reached, in the year 45 AD, through the missionary work of Apostle Paul and–especially–Apostle Barnabas, a Cypriot by birth and founder of the Church of Cyprus. Virtually all communities throughout the island abandoned pagan practices with remarkable rapidity, thus giving Cyprus the distinction of converting to Christianity first among the greek-speaking provinces. As early as the fourth century the organization of the Christian Church of Cyprus was so advanced that it employed thirteen bishops. The eagerness with which the native population embraced the new religion in the first centuries AD is further attested to by the construction of numerous christian temples throughout the land…(Excerpt from a study by Archbishop Makarios III entitled, “Cyprus, The Holy Island)

Family Vacations

Cyprus’s cultural offerings are sure to please young and old. Little children have needs of their own, however, and we have designed a program catering to the whole family, with kid-friendly activities and a generous helping of local culinary treats sprinkled throughout.


As a staple in the human arsenal since prehistoric times, the bow and arrow has helped us confront both animal and human predators. As a modern sport it demands exacting precision and intense concentration. Nonetheless, it is a sport accessible to all–aged five to ninety-five, large or small–as long as they are committed to the long practice hours and to constantly pushing their own boundaries.

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