Archery at the Nike Athletic Club in Paphos

The club is located three kilometers from Paphos near the village of Mesogι, in the middle of a forest and with a  splendid view of the sea. The facility is approved by the Cyprus Archery Association, a FITA member (Féderation Internationale de tir á l’arc), and the Cyprus Sport Association. It is stuffed by certified training personnel and welcomes archers of every level, from the dabbler to the Olympic competitor.

NIKE Athletic Club


The club’s facilities have been approved by the Cyprus Archery Association and the Cyprus Sport Association for the following disciplines: target archery, field archery (field events are carried out in the woodland that surrounds the facility), bare bow, freestyle unlimited, freestyle limited, bow hunter, bow hunter limited or unlimited, and long bow.

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5ος Αγώνας Τοξοβολίας Λεμεσού-Πάφου στο γήπεδο μας "Μαρία Παπαπολυδώρου" στη Μεσόγη. Διοργανωτής το αθλητικό σωματείο ΝΙΚΗ Πάφου.

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Σ.Ε.Κ.Ε. Πάφου - Τοξοβολία (S.E.K.E. Pafou - Archery) στις Σάββατο, 6 Ιουνίου 2015


The club is equipped with recurve and traditional bows and modern arrows made of carbon fibre or aluminium or a combination of the two. Visitors of course can bring their own equipment and make use of the facilities after the end of the group program without additional charges.


Visitors will first be given a short presentation on the history and evolution of archery, then a primer on technique. Instruction can be given in both greek and english. Provisions could be made for additional languages, provided we receive sufficient notice.


Shooting practice will be preceded by a warm-up and followed by a cool-down drill, made up of a series of suitable preparatory and recovery movements respectively, that will improve agility and coordination and help to prevent injury and soreness.


Practice sessions will be supervised by experienced trainers, whose valuable guidance will help to ensure as rewarding an experience as possible. The basic training equipment (bow and arrow) will be provided by the club for as long as needed. Visitors can of course bring their own equipment and use the facilities at off-program hours free of charge if they wish.

Canteen/Darts Corner

The club maintains a generously stocked refreshments bar on the grounds and has an area specially reserved for darts–an ideal post-training relaxation activity.

Archery Games

On the sixth day of the program visitors will have the option of taking part in a competitive  archery event that will bring together clubs and athletes from all over Cyprus. The games will be followed by a medal presentation and a celebratory dinner will be held later that evening at a Paphos venue.

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