Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Modern Cyprus Underwater and on Land

Organizer: Eleni Matsoukatova

Cyprus offers excellent diving conditions year-round–warm waters with temperatures ranging between 18ºC-28ºC and minimal underwater currents. This program offers a great sampler of the island’s underwater attractions including ancient, medieval and modern relics, shipwrecks and caves.

Equipment and instruction for the program are provided by the local diving club Cydive. Each morning visitors will be shuttled to the Cydive facility for a briefing and then taken by boat to the dive site.

Day 1

Visitors are picked up at the airport and shuttled to the hotel in Paphos.


Day 2

The First dive is at the Vera K Wreck site, located 25 minutes from the Paphos Harbour at a depth of 11 meters. It was a Lebanese cargo ship that that was run aground in 1972 and formally decommissioned in 1974 after being deemed unfit. It still has four main sections and its bridge is in relatively good condition. There are an archway and a series of tunnels close to the site suitable for advanced divers.

After the break, visitors will tackle Wreck Laboe, a sunken vessel built in Rendburg, Germany in 1940. It was a cruise ship that was brought to Cyprus in 2006 as a diving liveaboard vessel. Its length is 21.5 meters and its breadth 5 meters. It was sunk in 2014 close to the Moulia (Paphos) shore as part of the artificial reefs and marine parks project. The maximum depth for this dive is at 26 meters and the ship’s engine room, reception hall and bridge are all easily accessible. The site is a magnet for marine life.

Visitors will be back at the hotel late in the afternoon.

Day 3

The program’s third dive is at The Valley, located just 15 minutes from the Paphos Harbor. The top of the site lies at 16 meters. Its sides are teeming with encrusted marine life and its holes are home to wrasse, cardinals and lobster. The site is a particularly popular with photographers.

The fourth dive is at Manijin Isle around 1:30 pm, a multi-level dive around a rock that provides an archway, a blowhole and caves, one of which is covered with pink and purple calciferous algae.

Visitors will be back at the hotel late in the afternoon.


Day 4

Two dives at the famous Zenobia wreck site are on the agenda on day 4. It is a highly rated site that offers plenty of thrills for the advanced diver. The Zebobia was a 172 meter long Swedish ferry sunk in 1980 with a fleet of trailers on board at the time of sinkage. Its highest point is at a depth of 16 meters while its lowest is at 42 meters. The first dive will be at a level of 35 meters and the second at 30 meters. The site is located just 1.4 kilometers off the Larnaca coast.

Visitors will be back at the hotel late in the afternoon.

Day 5

A free day, ideal for shopping and relaxing at the beach, or one of the following trips organized by Eleni Matsoukatova, who can be reached at +357 99298995.

  • A visit to Paphos’ archaeological sites that adorned with ancient Cypriot mosaics.
  • A trip to the Akamas National Park and the Baths of Aphrodite.
  • A visit to the Monastery of Saint Neophytos.
  • A donkey ride through beautiful countryside followed by dinner and traditional Greek and Cypriot music and dancing.
  • A visit to the Zoo, which offers a wide variety of exotic wildlife, guided tours and a well-reviewed restaurant.
  • The Paphos Aphrodite Water Park, a venue that offers food, drinks, live music, acrobatic shows and fireworks.
  • Jeep Safari at Akamas or Troodos–visitors get the chance to go tuna fishing between June and September.

Go to for more ideas and tips.


Day 6

Visitors get to see one of the island’s most beautiful patches of coastline at Petra tou Romiou, the mythical birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite. At the Kourion archaeological site they can admire the ancient theater which overlooks the sea and continues to be operational after millennia.

In Limassol visitors can enjoy a saunter along the promenade with stops at the Marina the Medieval Castle and the Zoo. Lunch will either be at the Marina or close to the Castle.

Day 7

Another free day that visitors can spend on leisurely activities or by taking one of the trips suggested for day 5. Eleni Matsoukatova is available for inquiries.


Day 8

Visitors will be shuttled to the airport.

Note: Changes could be made to the program–before or during the visit–in order to accommodate any special needs and requests, provided the local holiday calendar allows it. 

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