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What is thematic tourism?

Cyprus affords the opportunity for year round visits that focus on a particular topic of interest, making the experience an intellectually stimulating one, perfectly complementing the island’s epicurean delights. In addition to guided tours, visitors can further their knowledge of their subject of choice through such activities as attending lectures and meeting up with knowledgeable individuals or groups.  Besides an abundance of monuments of major historical importance, visitors can take advantage of programs on ancient greek music, diving, photography, archaeology, theology, arts and crafts, the visual arts, and sea diving. Special accommodations are available for persons with impaired hearing as well as programs specially designed with the entire family in mind.

Cyprus Vacation with Sign Language Experts

This program combines cultural activities--visits to archaeological and religious monuments, oil mills, wineries, arts and crafts workshops, culinary workshops--with leisurely activities such as mountain and beach excursions and trips to the mall


The abundance and diversity of historical monuments, from prehistoric to byzantine times, bespeaks the richness of the island’s cultural life– castles, palatial edifices, temples and museums all replete with art vividly representing the entire spectrum of human experience: creativeness, destruction, war, peace, veneration, eros.


Cyprus boasts dozens of divable spots of unique historical interest–underwater monuments of the island’s ancient, medieval and modern histories–as well as sites that epitomize the Mediterranean Sea’s geological and ecological attractions.


The Cyprus landscape holds an undeniable allure for both seasoned and aspiring photographers. Its colourful countryside, its quaint rural communities, its celebrated cultural monuments, all simply beg to be captured by the photographic lens.


“… Cyprus was among the first countries that Christianity reached, in the year 45 AD, through the missionary work of Apostle Paul and–especially–Apostle Barnabas, a Cypriot by birth and founder of the Church of Cyprus..."


As a staple in the human arsenal since prehistoric times, the bow and arrow has helped us confront both animal and human predators. As a modern sport it demands exacting precision and intense concentration.

Family Vacations

Cyprus’s cultural offerings are sure to please young and old. Little children have needs of their own, however, and we have designed a program catering to the whole family, with kid-friendly activities and a generous helping of local culinary treats sprinkled throughout.

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